Making the Move to Teach in Country #4

Here I am, packing my life away into a suitcase, giving you another update that once again Megan is on the move. Just 6 months ago I was back home doing the exact same thing getting ready for my Asian adventures in South Korea. As of March 2nd, I’ll be teaching in my 4th continent/country… in the last 6 months. This time I’ll be headed to Europe where I’ll be teaching English to kindergarten and preschool students in Poland. I’m excited to experience Europe, as well as hopefully be able to visit the endless countries nearby. Although I wasn’t able to travel around Asia as much as I initially thought and hoped, I had an eye opening experience as to just how different the Asian culture can be. Trying to assimilate without knowing the native language, or enjoying any of their traditional foods, is no easy feat.

As always, I will keep you all up to date with my many adventures abroad. If you have any Polish stories to tell, or must see places to visit in Poland, send them my way!

~Nomadic Megan

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