Where is Megan off to next...

The long-awaited moment is here! Where will Megan find herself next year? Will it be in a new country? What about a new continent? Is she done with teaching altogether?

Jumping for joy knowing I have a job!

Before I give it away, I want to walk you through my thought process of why I accepted the job I did. 2 big factors affected my decision:

  1. Covid is still quite prevalent in the world. This past year has shown me that travel is not what I want it to be, and that it likely will not go back to "normal" for some time.

  2. I have 5 weddings to go to/be a part of starting in September through June 2022. Most of the people getting married are my closest friends, not weddings I want to miss.

So, with those 2 factors in mind, I cut out any international jobs for the upcoming year.

My search was then "limited" to the US. There are so many places I wish to visit throughout the US, so I easily could have been happy throwing a dart at a map and moving anywhere. But, with the 2 factors mentioned above in mind, I decided I would look at schools closer to home. My youngest brother will now be in high school so moving home would give me the option to see and cheer on his many activities. My grandparents are also getting older, so being near home and spending time with them is also important.

Growing up in Southwest Minnesota meant there were all of about 9 schools within an hour radius of home. Unfortunately, only 1 school had an opening... and they never responded to my application. (Insert an eye roll and facepalm.) So, being determined Megan, I sent my resume and cover letter to each of those 9 schools stating if they had an opening, I would like an interview. Of the 9 schools, 5 schools didn´t respond, while 3 others said they didn´t have an opening at that time, but would keep me in mind if something came up. The 9th school asked for an interview the next day.

Surprised to know my plan worked, I had the interview with some reservations but also great hope. At the end of the interview, the principal concluded by sharing that he would be meeting with 5 others that day regarding the opening. Still unsure if moving back home was something I truly wanted to do, I took it as a sign. If I got the job I would take it and spend some well-needed at home reconnecting with my family and friends. If I did not get it, I would throw a dart at a US map and go from there. I shouldn´t have been too stressed, though, because just 15 minutes after the interview, I got an email asking for me to call the principal back. I had got the job! This Fall I will be teaching 6th grade at Round Lake- Brewster Elementary School!

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