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Megan Moves Abroad

Just a Small Town Girl Teaching Around the World

Megan Moves Abroad...
At 21 years old, I found myself with the opportunity to teach abroad. At this point in my life I had never left the United States, and didn't even have a passport! I was scared to be so far away from family and friends for such a long time, and being a recent college graduate, I had a near empty bank account. But, I had major Wonderlust and a positive attitude. I told myself it would be "just a year...." Now, here we are 3 years later, and I am teaching in my 4th continent, with the goal to teach in all 6. My young and dumb idea to teach abroad, has turned into the best decision of my life. I've made this blog to help others take the risk and know it's okay to step outside of the box, as well as help those who are also looking for teaching jobs abroad. It's all about the people and connections you know.

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